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      On the show we have with us Raakesh Rana – Growthpreneur Mentor & Mid-Career Transformation Mentor.

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From living in a leaking house to becoming a Growthpreneur, this is a story of a person who
after getting laid off in midlife, decided to take control of his life in his own hands and since then has never looked back.
He has rapidly grown, reinvented and transformed himself in last 2 years and have impacted  lives of 1000+ mid-level professionals to transform their career.
Today he is on a mission to RAISE THE BAR of  25 million lives to unlock their full potential and create their own wealth, influence & growth
Born in a poor backward class family, with father a textile mill clerk, Raakesh continued with the values of Growth & Leadership that he imbibed since childhood, having handled the family responsibilities since the age of 10 years.
From Struggling to speak in English, he went on to become a Gold Medalist from National Institute of Technology, Surat, & worked for Global Multinationals.
In this era of information overload, he believes the challenge is to Transform to stay relevant and RISE BEYOND AVERAGE.
This has been one of the those insightful episodes where guest will get you in a thinking mode with regards to your career, so please listen the entire episode right till the end.
Key Points we discussed:
  • Struggles and Challenges faced during  childhood
  • How he faced lowest phase of his life and came out stronger to be become a Growthpreneur
  • Career planning for a mid-level professional & how to overcome professional challenges
  • His passion around helping mid-level professionals come out of SISI Zone

Time Stamps:

  • 04:16 – Emotions felt after breaking the wooden board during Tony’s Robbin program?
  • 07:28 – Challenges faced during childhood days and attitude towards those challenges?
  • 10:42 – Was there an impact to studies due to challenges faced during childhood?
  • 14:27 – Moment when Raakesh got determined to come out of poverty?
  • 17:15 – Suggestions on how one can become better at articulation in professional environment?
  • 22:37 – Best practice that he followed for growing in his corporate career that can help mid-level professionals?
  • 28:32 – How can a mid-level professional re-plan their career at this stage?
  • 34:19 – How can a professional articulate his/her work better to leadership?
  • 38:34 – Moment when you were laid off and attitude towards the situation?
  • 44:54 – What actions did Raakesh take post getting laid off ?
  • 46:31 – How did he find his mission and managed time for it along with job?
  • 52:20 – How is Raakesh helping mid-level professionals to become a Growthpreneur ?
  • 57:45 – Book Raakesh is working on ?
  • 59:36 – Quick fire segment


Key Takeaways

  • Are you living in intelligent ignorance zone ? It is a zone where you feel  you know everything, they have everything and can do everything on their own. It is not the knowledge but illusion of knowledge that is bigger issue. So it is important that we come out from intelligent ignorance zone and face the reality because that’s when we will be able to take right steps
  • Its not about job but its about career. Plan your career path and professional goals every 3 years. Then have risk appetite to  create the career path and most importantly act proactively towards it rather than waiting for the trigger to happen and then acting desperately
  • Take some time out of your busy schedule for self-discovery. Ask questions to yourself around your passion & purpose. What is it that you love doing ? What is it that makes you curious? What is it that you can work on which will make you loose awareness of time? If you can get answers to some of these questions then my friend they would be mostly pointing you towards your passion. The most satisfying thing in this world is to convert your passion into a mission which can impact life of millions of people in this world.


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