Developing Strong Mindset and Being an Insightful Parent with CDR Bimal Raj:TMS17

After serving for the Indian Navy for 17+ years, Commander Bimal Raj has successfully reinvented himself during his midlife not only by being part of an elite team of world-class trainers and facilitators under Blair Singer but also by living his passion for parenting through his own entrepreneurial venture Insightful parents

Tune in to listen to the inspirational insights that he shared during the episode

The Art of Personal Finance and Content Creation with Pardeep Goyal:TMS15

Do you feel saving money is too tough or how to come out of Debt or how to earn alternate sources of Income?
On the show today we have with us, Pardeep Goyal – Founder of Award-Winning Personal Finance Blog, CashOverFlow. In the episode, Pardeep passionately shares with us how one should go about managing his/her personal finances and what it takes to become a good content writer.

Find Your Dream Job with Nimrata Kapoor:TMS09

Meet Nimrata, the force behind NimTalkingTalent, a boutique career coaching and people advisory firm which provides world class Resume, LinkedIn, Career Coaching, Interview Coaching and Organization Design and Career Model interventions.

Her passion is to help individuals understand their true north, craft winning propositions and help them in their journey of finding their dream job

Taking E-Commerce to Rural India with Ram:TMS08

During his corporate career, Ram always had this huge passion and inclination towards serving villages and making an impact to the lives of people living in rural India. It was due to this passion and unprecedented support of like-minded co-founders Karthik and Narayanan, Ram went ahead and built Boon Box in his early 40s.

With Boon Box, Ram aims to bring e-commerce to rural India in order to ensure villagers are not deprived of the world class products that usually only cities can get their hands on. Don’t miss out on amazing insights shared by Ram

Transform your Career with Hemant Deshpande:TMS07

Hemant Deshpande after working for 18+ yrs in the IT Industry discovered his true calling for coaching mid-level & senior-level professionals. He constantly aims to help them find their purpose so that they can live their life of purpose

Today, he works with mid and senior-level professionals who are feeling stuck, stagnated, or confused about their careers to gain clarity so that they can reinvent and grow in their careers. Further, he is also a mentor for CXOs and Business owners