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Solving Career related challenges for Mid-level & Senior level executives can become quite daunting & complex, but that didn’t deter Hemant in following his passion

After working for 18+yrs in the IT industry, Hemant found his true calling in coaching mid-level and senior-level professionals in helping them find their purpose so that they can live their life of purpose

Today, he helps mid and senior-level professionals who are feeling stuck, bored, stagnated, or confused about their careers to gain Clarity so that they can Reinvent and Grow in their careers.

Over the last 5 years, Hemant has coached more than 200+ Mid and Senior level professionals.

He along with his strong team uses world-class assessment tools such as Strengthscope, the proven 10 step Career Reinvention Process, and other powerful tools to bring clarity and create new possibilities in their client’s career.

Key Points we discussed:
  • How did Hemant found his calling for coaching Mid and Senior level professionals
  • How to find one’s strength , approach Career Assessment & what are generally the outcomes of career assessments
  • Career transition roadmap and the different phases involved
  • Career stagnancy, Career growth & Work-life balance

Time Stamps:

  • 03:40- How did Hemant discover his passion?
  • 05:59 – What made Hemant decide that he wanted to move forward with career coaching for mid-level professionals?
  • 8:13 – How did he plan the transition?
  • 18:16 – How one can go about performing a career assessment?
  • 24:46 – Science behind figuring out one’s strengths/personality?
  • 26:30 – What is the output of clarity assessment, what kind of clarity can one get?
  • 30:26 – How to cross the bridge and steps a mid-level professional should take to move towards their ideal career?
  • 35:10 – How much time will it take to go ahead and make a career transition?
  • 40:02 – Is it practical enough to transition to a totally unrelated sector or industry?
  • 45:15 – Why does stagnancy begin to creep in one’s career?
  • 47:12 – Suggestions on how to come out of stagnancy and achieve career growth?
  • 50:48 – How to have work-life balance?
  • 53:54 – Quickfire segment


Key Takeaways

1) If you plan to make a career transition, ensure to give yourself at least around 1 and half years of time. Plan it in 3   phases

  • 6 months of Exploration phase where you discover more about yourself, your skills, personal strengths, personality type as well as your interests.
  • 2 months for Identifying career options based on the output of the exploration phase, doing the market research, and shortlisting the right Career Option
  • 6 months of Preparation phase so as to Identify your Skill gaps and then work towards closing those by acquiring the required knowledge and certification. In parallel also start to position yourself  by updating your resume, socializing yourself in Linkedin and spreading the message in your network

2) Look at work-life balance more holistically by zooming out. Have clarity on what areas of life are important to you   and then identify what all goals you want to achieve in those areas in a specific time frame and If you are able to   achieve those goals in that time frame, then it means you are already having your work and life in balance

3) To come out of career stagnancy you need

  • Fuel which is the burning desire to achieve your goals
  • Trajectory or Direction which is clarity of what you want to achieve
  • Escape velocity i.e consistent action that you have to take to achieve your goal, remember the only action can give you results.


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