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                  On the show we have with us Ramanathan Ramachandran (Ram), CEO of Inthree Access Services Pvt Ltd. 

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While being employed in corporate world, Ram and his co-founders Karthik and Narayanan had this huge passion and inclination towards serving villages and making an impact to the lives of people living in rural India.
 It was this passion and dream that made them leave behind their lucrative jobs and start Boon Box – eCommerce Venture of Inthree Access Services, during their early 40s
Chennai-based Boonbox is a logistics startup (last-mile logistics network), that focuses on delivering products at the doorsteps of consumers living in towns and villages that have a population of 30,000 and below.  It has scale to deliver products to 3 lakh villages across 16+ states
Ram firmly believes that he and his team are on way to leading the eCommerce market in the large ‘white space’ which is rural India.

Due to the impact that Boon Box has created, Ram was also recently facilitated by Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu with Inspirational role model award @ CII Connect Awards 2020

Ram is also a fitness freak and an eco-warrior.
Key Points we discussed:
  • How one can develop an entrepreneur and an innovative mindset
  • Learnings from the corporate world
  • The story behind Boon Box inception in his early 40s and scaling it to 3 lakh villages
  • How to build world class team and decision making process he follows
  • Advice for people who are in midlife and are thinking about entrepreneurship

Time Stamps:

  • 00:37 – What do we mean by having an entrepreneur mindset?
  • 02:39 – How one can develop an innovative mindset?
  • 06:56 – 3 learnings Ram had while being in a corporate world
  • 09:32 – How was the idea of Boon Box was born?
  • 11:38 –  Was Ram determined to go all out right from the word go?
  • 14:14 –  What steps one who is in middle age can take if he wants to do something different?
  • 20:26 – What does Boon Box as a company do?
  • 22:25 – How was the initial phase when you got started being on your own?
  • 24:05 – How did Boon Box went ahead building a world-class team?
  • 28:10 – Boon Box operations and business model?
  • 30:26 – Exotic locations that Boon Box has delivered?
  • 31:50 – Consumer story that touched his heart wrto how Boon Box is making an impact?
  • 33:78 – Major setback and how he navigated through it?
  • 35:14 – Decision-making process that Ram follows?
  • 37:35 – How Boon Box looks at threats from competition like Amazon’s and Flipkart’s of the world?
  • 39:08 – Vision for Boon Box going forward
  • 39:51 – Quickfire segment


Key Takeaways

  •  It’s key to always maintain an entrepreneur’s mindset irrespective of whether one is in a job or on his own.  Take complete ownership and do what is right for the company and not just for sake of looking good in front of others.
  •  Be creative and try to innovate- innovation is only for few brilliant folks is a myth. The key is to develop a questioning mindset and back yourself with full confidence. Go out and question every single assumption that you come across, we humans right from our birth are gifted with a questioning mindset, go ahead and use it
  •  It is never too late to start something of your own. In fact, the 40s is a wonderful age, you have a vast amount of wisdom, experience, and knowledge, so If you have a passion for doing something of your own, then go out in battleground and fight it out like a samurai warrior


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Resources Mentioned in this Episode

  • Shark Tank  
  • The Monk who sold the Ferrari by Robin Sharma
  • Zero to One by Peter Theil


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