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Mr. A – Hey Mr.B, What is it that you want to do in life?
Mr. B – Hmm, I don’t know what to do but I don’t like what I am doing currently

Does this resonate with you?

Our guest Vaibhav Datar has come across many such people who are in Midlife and facing the aforementioned challenge, not knowing what they want from life. Vaibhav feels the single thing all of them lack is Clarity in Life and hence gaining Clarity is the first and foremost step that becomes imperative and quintessential

Vaibhav is a professional Midlife coach, an Adept author, and a Blogger

His Best Selling book ‘Simplify your life’ emphasizes on etching behavioral and mindset changes in an individual’s life that would lead to extreme happiness.

He also runs a Blog “The Maven Style” where he shares Powerful Insights on Parenting issues, Self-discovery, Transformation, Self-Enhancement, mid-life Crises, Lifestyle, Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Funding, and investment goals

An avid learner, with profound interests in analyzing people and their behaviors, he has pursued various certification courses in graphology, hypnosis as well as color analyst from a plethora of institutes

He has been featured in major media publications like , YourStory, Economic times, Hindustan Times to name a few

He is an advocate of a vision board  and strongly believes that Clarity in life is the most important gift that one can give to his own self

 In this episode, Vaibhav shares his insights on how can one get Clarity in life and then use powerful tools such as Vision Board to realize his/her dreams ,goals and aspirations

Key Points we discussed:

  • Why we human don’t keep our life simple
  • His personal journey on transitioning out from a stable corporate career in the mid-30s
  • Top  critical Midlife issues that people face today
  • Key insights on how one can get clarity in his/her life and figure out his/her WHY
  • How tools such as Vision Board can help them along the way to accelerate their journey

Time Stamps:

  • 03:45  – Why do we human beings are not able to keep our life simple?
  • 07:24  – Thoughts & feelings that occupied  Vaibhav’s mind while being in corporate job during the midlife phase?
  • 16:10  –  How did he cross the bridge from being in corporate life to being a midlife coach?
  • 20:43  –  Top 3 midlife issues, that people come to him with?
  • 24:57  –  Key actions people can take to navigate through career challenges in their midlife?
  • 30:16 –  What considerations one needs to take once they figure out their WHY and embark on their journey?
  • 32:58  – What is a vision board and how to go about doing it?
  • 41:12  –  Where should one place the vision board, is location important?
  • 43:03  – Where to find pictures for the Vision board?
  • 45:37  – Quickfire round


Key Takeaways

  • If you plan to do or start something of your own during your midlife, don’t leave your job immediately. Try and taste the water around your target market for atleast 9 months to 1 year before leaving the job completely. During this time, also work out in filling the skill gaps that you may have for eg – getting better on how to market yourself or getting better at selling your product.Before Jumping in and going all out, do ensure you have 2 years of financial back up to cover up family expenses
  • Getting Clarity on what we want to do in life is most important gift we can give ourselves. To get clarity , we need to find out our WHY . Do a small exercise with a friend or a coach or someone whom you can trust. Find out what you want to do and have other person keep on asking you WHY questions until you reach a point where you are able to get that  clarity and find your true calling. It might take 1 or more sessions before you can figure out your WHY and remember there can be multiple why across different facets of your life.
  • Once you are able to figure out what you want to do and WHY, journal all of it. Use this journal to create your own personalized Vision board . Look at this vision board every single day, and soon your actions coupled with law of attraction will work towards helping you realize your dreams & goals.


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