Be Uncomfortable, Success doesn’t have a plan “B” with Sumit Shukla



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Do you believe in having a plan “B” for success? Do you believe in having a personal and a professional life?

Sumit Shukla believe in neither of them.

Sumit is a serial entrepreneur who started his first company during his 30s. Today he is the founder & Global CEO of Connexrm

Connexrm has created various products in the education sector and aims to help education institutes cover the entire 360-degree horizon of their requirements.  Sumit has been instrumental in designing and innovating these products. Connexrm in a short span of time has made a strong presence in various countries that include India, Dubai, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Before Connexrm, Sumit had also founded Zven technologies.

He is quite passionate about education, has done his Masters in Computer Application, and also has various additional degrees under his belt ranging from MBA in Investment banking, MBA in Marketing Management and a degree as varied as Law

In this episode, Sumit shares some of his hard-hitting insights on why Success doesn’t have a plan “B”, what restricts people in midlife to become successful, and why he feels there is no difference between a personal and professional life

Key Points we discussed:

  • Love for education and his thoughts on how a future education system in India should look like
  • Entrepreneurship journey during his midlife & key learnings from it
  • The Decision-making process he follows
  • Key insights he would like to share for people in midlife to transform themselves

Time Stamps:

  • 3:42     – Why did Sumit pursue diversified educational degree’s
  • 6:28     – How to balance between work as well as studies
  • 8:27     – When was the seed for Entrepreneurship planted for 1st time in his mind
  • 11:08    – Entrepreneurship journey kick start during his midlife and how the transition was planned
  • 14:08   – What business he had in his mind when he started his entrepreneurship journey
  • 16:52   –  What was the problem that product was trying to solve
  • 21:07   –  How did the entire work on creating a product in education space got kick-started
  • 23:47   –  Views on releasing quick Product MVP v/s taking time in building a product before releasing it in the market
  • 25:21    – How the products help and make things better for schools and colleges
  • 27:05   – How challenging was it to sell the product to educational institutes
  • 29:37   – Roadblocks he faced during his entrepreneurship journey and how did he handle it
  • 31:45    – What is the Decision-making process that Sumit follows
  • 35:50   – What is his vision for the education system in India
  • 40:41   – What are 3 key things that people in midlife can do to transform themselves
  • 44:22   – Quickfire round


Key Takeaways

  • Don’t be afraid of improving upon the existing wheel instead of inventing the new wheel. You don’t need to always solve a new problem, instead, you can make life more easier for people by solving an existing problem in a more efficient way. History has proven this fact time and again, remember Facebook got built after Orkut and google after yahoo.
  • Do not have a plan “B” if you really have a strong desire to achieve your goal or vision. Having a plan B may make you complacent when you encounter a huge blow or a hindrance to your path and you may end up being satisfied with something of lower significance than what you ideally deserve.
  • At any point in time, ensure you have an aggressive and updated plan for things you want to achieve in your life for the next 6 months, and then ensure you are uncomfortable in pursuing the plan. Achievers in midlife always are uncomfortable and never allow contentment or feeling of comfort to dominate them in pursuing their dreams.


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