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Hello All, I’m Rupesh Nahar and Welcome to the The Midlife Station , a podcast where we bring in midlife experts and interesting stories of  people who have achieved success during their midlife so that we all can take some inspiration out of it

Why this podcast ?

Recently, during my interaction with few of my friends, colleagues, and also after doing a bit of research, I observed that at the critical juncture of Midlife, typically our middle-age i.e 30’s and early 40’s some of us start getting a bit frustrated with ourselves. We feel we have not having utilized early part of our life to full potential or  didn’t take those actions and key risks that might have given us an edge as we enter our midlife

To add to it, midlife also brings with itself unique set of problems, challenges & insecurities. Issues related to our mindset, career growth, stress, screwed-up finances, and relationships often crop up at this critical juncture that acts as a hindrance to a successful and fulfilling life

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However at same time, if we focus our attention to other side of the spectrum , then we will find a few bunch of people, who in spite of facing the similar problems, challenges as well as environment have still managed to transform their midlife.

So I started to wonder , How were they able to do it ? What is it that they did differently, was it their mindset? or their approach towards challenges ? or do they have some secret ingredient that some of us are not aware of?

In order to calm down my curiosity that have been pondering my mind, I decided to get answers to these questions.

And, the answer came out in the form of ‘The Midlife Station‘  podcast

At the end of it, my only purpose with this podcast is to gather insights and wisdom from these successful personalities and experts so as to help each other as a community towards betterment of our midlife

And, may I request you ?

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