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During the recession of 2008, Milind had to let go of his high profile job. He was in his late 30s then with 25+ lakh of financial debt and was married with two amazing kids.

At this critical juncture, a normal thing for anyone to do would be to quickly get another job , but that’s not what Milind chose to do.

Instead of finding a job, Milind during this critical phase decided to carve out something of his own and face the life challenges head on that came along the way

Today Milind , an Alumnus of IIM Bangalore is a Certified Life Coach and is affiliated to the international coach certification body Certified Coaches Alliance. He has 3000+ hours of coaching under his belt and has coached hundreds of people in India as well as across the world.

He has been covered by major media outlets like The Times of India,The Telegraph, Business Standard , India Today, The Asian Age and others

Some Questions I asked to get Milind’s mind share:-

  • Experiences and challenges he faced being in corporate job
  • Touching upon economic recession , job loss, and how he fought back from the lowest point in his life
  • Key insights that he would like to share for people facing midlife challenges

Time Stamps:

  • 02:45 What is  BE-DO-HAVE framework and how can one apply it in his life?
  • 06:23 Key ingredients that enabled Milind to grow in his corporate career
  • 09:35 What are things people can do that can help them to grow in their mid-career
  • 13:55 How did Milind manage his financial lifestyle while being in high profile job
  • 19:57 How did Milind run into 25 lakh of financial debt
  • 24:15 The time when Milind was technically laid off from the job in recession of 2009
  • 29:15 Why Milind did not take job post lay off and started out of his own during his midlife
  • 32:21 How did Milind overcome challenges post layoff
  • 34:45 How did Milind manage to get his initial customers
  • 41:33 By when was Milind able to achieve financial stability
  • 44:21 Case in point of a fictional character who is in his midlife and undergoing challenges
  • 52:24 Quick Fire Segment
  • 58:15 Key TakeAways


Key Takeaways

  • BE-DO-HAVE framework for goals – In order to HAVE something, you need to DO something about it and in order to do something about it , it is imperative that BECOME a person for whom DOing become easy
  • Never land yourself in huge financial debts ,because soon it becomes a vicious cycle  to clear one debt, you take another one which quickly becomes a bubble so huge that it takes you many steps behind from reaching your destination
  • If you don’t enjoy what you do today, try to introspect and ask yourself few tough questions  ,  do you want to be an employee , or employer ? What you value more – security or freedom?  What do you lack in life? Are you just bluffing or playing game with yourself ? Please find answers to these powerful questions and draft an exciting future for yourself


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