Facing Rejection in Armed Forces to being First Generation Entrepreneur with Shyam Sunder Singh | TMS03



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How would you react when you realize you can no longer pursue your dream that you have been eyeing for right since your childhood ?

Shyam Sunder Singh was disheartened & dejected when he had to face rejection and let go of his childhood dream of being an army officer with the prestigious Indian Army, however that didn’t deter him from being successful in life

Shyam today is a first-generation entrepreneur and is tagged as a dynamic leader with a track record of outstanding performance in the Retail & Pharmaceutical industry. He is a visionary who believes that differentiation is the mantra for success in the 21st century.

After being in corporate job for more than a decade, Shyam decided to take entrepreneurial plunge in his late 30’s and founded Septalyst Lifesciences. The company was recently awarded as the fastest-growing company in the Neurology segment in India by Times healthcare and leadership award and it has also been featured in list of top 8 companies in Nephrology segment

He is considered an authority in Pharma industry, delivers keynote addresses at major national events and has regularly featured in leading newspapers & pharma business magazines like Pharmabiz & Express Pharma

Key Points we discussed:-

  • Facing rejection from the prestigious Indian Army and how he pulled himself back
  • Key qualities that helped him grow in the corporate career
  • How he went about starting his own venture in the late 30s and scaling it to a greater heights
  • Key insights that he would like to share for people facing midlife challenges

Time Stamps:

  • 03:20 What were dreams and aspirations as Shyam was growing up ?
  • 04:50 How did he pull himself back up after facing rejection from prestigious Indian armed forces ?
  • 05:38 What was the reason behind doing MBA in Sales and Marketing ?
  • 06:35 Corporate journey and key qualities Shyam had that helped him grow in corporate career
  • 08:55 Key challenges during corporate life and how did he overcome them ?
  • 10:34 Why did he move from pharma domain to a retail domain during peak of his career ?
  • 13:51 Why time was right to quit the job and move into entrepreneurship in his late 30’s?
  • 17:27 How did he battle the thoughts around what if the entrepreneurship journey didn’t work out ?
  • 20:04 How did he planned out his venture while being in job?
  • 21:20 What was the venture all about ?
  • 24:48 How did Shyam went about building his company ?
  • 31:38 Facing setbacks in journey and attitude towards those setbacks?
  • 32:50 Did leaving all of the hustle and going back to the secure job cross his mind ?
  • 33:48 How long it took to achieve the same level of income ?
  • 34:28 What kind of success and accolades has the company achieved
  • 35:48 Taking team to international destinations every year
  • 37:46 Quickfire segment
  • 43:38 Key TakeAways


Key Takeaways

  • If you face rejection, it’s not the end of the world, it just means God has something different planned for you, so go out and try something different instead of getting frustrated with rejection
  • Courage Confidence and Conviction are your biggest weapon, using them you can fight whatever problems that may come in your way be it in your midlife or at any juncture
  • Dreams don’t become reality through magic, it takes lot of sweat, determination and hardwork.Question is are we ready to put in that hard work and live a life that we always wanted to ?


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