The Art of Personal Finance and Content Creation with Pardeep Goyal:TMS15


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      On the show, we have with us Pardeep Goyal – India’s Top Blogger & Founder of Award winning Personal Finance Blog.

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Do you feel saving money is too tough or wonder how to come out of Debt or want to earn alternate sources of Income?
On the show today we have with us, Pardeep Goyal – Founder of Award-Winning Personal Finance Blog, CashOverFlow which was awarded as the best personal finance blog in 2017 by Indiblogger. He is passionate about sharing his expert insights on value investing,money-saving hacks, and creating an alternate source of income
Prior to starting Cashoverflow, he did face failure in a couple of startups during their initial year of operations. However, these failures didn’t deter him from following his passion and becoming one of the key influencers in India in the content writing industry
He has also published numerous insightful articles around Entrepreneurship, PR & Growth Hacking on StartupKarma and Yourstory
Key Points we discussed:
  • In the 1st half, we focus on financial challenges that come in during midlife, the challenges related to debts, savings mindset, and also around generating alternate sources of income
  • In the latter half, we pick up Pardeep’s brain around the future of the content industry, key success principles required in the content business, and how one can become an expert in producing content.

  •  03:32 – Why Cashoverflow was started?
  • 04:55 – Experience and learnings from failed startups
  • 07:26 – Why he chose finance as a niche for content writing business?
  • 08:41 – What specific Finance topics Pardeep wanted to share through his writing?
  • 10:50 – Why do people fall into the debt trap?
  • 13:46 – How to come out of debt?
  • 17:55 – Views around taking home loans to save tax?
  • 22:58 – How to work on mindset when it comes to saving?
  • 26:12 – How to use a credit card effectively for saving?
  • 27:38 – Are credit card savings still comparable to what they were 5 years back?
  • 29:22 – How should a person at midlife plan his finance for a career transition?
  • 34:25 – What are few effective ways to earn alternate sources of income?
  • 36:13 – Difference between content writing and content marketing?
  • 37:54 – How to go about doing research for content?
  • 39:34 – How to add insights and be unique while producing content?
  • 42:25 – How to get and use feedback effectively to become better at producing content?
  • 45:34 – Where is the content writing industry heading towards?
  • 49:29 – Quickfire segment

Key Takeaways

  • If you have badly stuck in debt then as the first step try segregating debts, between high v/s low-interest one. Try to close high-interest ones like a credit card, either through your savings or by selling things that you do not need. Once this gets fixed, you can move the focus on low-interest ones by using part of your income
  • One needs to understand the difference between Saving and Investment and shouldn’t mix both of them. The primary purpose of Saving is to preserve the money by ensuring it grows at par with inflation whereas the goal of the investment is to earn money and beat inflation. If needed, always hire an investment advisor who can guide you in your investment journey
  • Whether you are working on your business or for a company, consistency is the key element that separates successful people from the rest.  Ensure that you are consistent in whatever you do, it may be producing content every day or doing exercise every day or taking ownership and showing up every time when there are problems or challenges that you encounter while working in your company or in your business.


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Best Wishes and Cheers :)Whether you are working on your busienss or for company, consistency is key element which seperates succesful people from the rest.  Ensure that you ar econsistent in whatever you do, it may be producing content everyday or doing exercise every day or taking ownership and showing up everytime when there are problems or challenges that you encoutner while working in your company or in your business

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  1. This was a really good podcast and gave good insights on how to handle personal finance, improve savings and also gave good option fot alternate income.. Keep such content flowing..

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