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      On the show, we have with us Kapil Kulshreshtha , an Energetic personality who likes Playing it Full.

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Do you try to restrict your inner true potential from coming out? Have you been guilty of not Playing it Full?
In this episode, we have with us Kapil Kulshreshtha who is is the CEO of Scintillate, a company dedicated to helping working professionals find their power zone and build a life of impact, abundance, and joy.
After 2 decades of working in senior leadership positions, Kapil felt the need to discover his inner calling and do what really matters to him. He realized that he had deliberately engineered smallness in his life by focusing on the standard parameters of success.
And in significant leap Kapil started on the journey of playing it full, be it losing 16 KG in 16 weeks or leaving his high paying job and pursuing his dream of helping  others come out of their self-limiting beliefs and giving it all
This has been one of the most heart ful discussions I have had. I found Kapil to be a person who is quite energetic, authentic and one who doesn’t shy away in sharing his true inner feelings to the outside world, be it feeling of joy, pains, fears, dreams, or accomplishments.
Key Points we discussed:
  • The back story behind the concept of Playing it Full
  • Self-limiting beliefs and how to overcome them?
  • Adopting Play it full philosophy in everyone’s life
  • Key elements of building a personal brand
  • 03:53 : What is the reason behind the energetic Kapil?
  • 06:15 : Back Story behind Playing it full philosophy?
  • 11:15 : Key challenges around self-limiting beliefs that Kapil faced during the corporate journey?
  • 16:16 : Did Kapil experience moments where he overcame self-limiting beliefs?
  • 22:04 : How did he transition out of job?
  • 26:31 : What is play it full philosophy?
  • 30:33 : What is the time period of transitioning into Play it Full mode?
  • 35:50 : What are the key elements of building your personal brand?
  • 38:03 : Quickfire segment


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